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Xcel Capital excels in implementing a clear and efficient strategy focused on acquiring and managing multifamily real estate properties, with a primary objective of assisting investors in wealth accumulation and achieving financial independence. Our targeted approach involves identifying robust demand-driven markets and presenting investors with opportunities to diversify their portfolios through passive income generated from real estate investments.
We emphasize the establishment of strategic partnerships and the acquisition of commercial multifamily apartment properties that hold significant potential for value enhancement. We aim to generate consistent cash flow for our investors while positioning ourselves for future profitability.
Our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service is driven by our dedication to helping investors attain their financial objectives. Become with us today and unlock the potential of real estate investments for long-term wealth creation.

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Shawn Ricehouse

It is my passion as an Investor and coach to guide towards creating generational wealth through Passive Real Estate Investing. I am a Construction Owner turned into Multifamily Real Estate Wealth Creator. I have been in this MultiFamily Real Estate Investment industry for about 12 years, with my experience I can guide you through the details of the industry and show you the right path forward. Share my knowledge, network and expertise to solve your problems. Few snippets of my Investing journey so far in the Texas, Florida & Georgia Markets

  • GP in 210 Doors
  • Active Investor 400 Ground Up Construction MF in McKinney, TX
  • LP in 456 Doors
  • Multiple Single Family Real Estate in DFW
  • 27MM